Groove Tuesdays #8 – Benny Greb

It’s been a long time between drinks for posts on the site as I sort of fell of the wagon a little since mid May. Not to worry, we’re back now – and I thought to make up for lost time we’d hit in with a hour of content with a Benny Greb Official video from the Drumeo YouTube Channel team.

For those who are not aware, the Drumeo YouTube channel includes a massive archive of cool drum related videos. Their speciality is getting well respected drummers in to showcase both their chops, but also to give a personalised run through of everything from their style, their favourite patters and even their gear.

In this video, German groove master Benny Greb lifts the lid on the Art and Science of groove drumming, going in detail into what makes up a grove. It’s over an hour of tasty playing and fantastic insight into one of the most solid, smooth hitting players out there.

What makes this video even better for me is the great cymbal selection on Benny’s kit giving a smooth wash and definition to his playing style.

Out and out class all round really.


Until next time, happy drumming!