Groove Tuesdays # 6 – Rob Brown plays a Yamaha Club Jordan

A little early this week, but I came across this video and wanted to post before I forgot about it. Earlier in the week I was doing a little bit of Google around for Cocktail Drum Kits, in particular the Yamaha Club Jordan kit.

(for those who don’t know – they’re a groovy stand up lounge style compact kit…)

While searching I came across a YouTube video of Rob Brown giving one of the Club Jordan’s the most tasteful grooves and generally showcasing his outstanding gospel chops. Now I admit I don’t know too much about Rob other than he’s seeming from Northern America somewhere – but I do know that this lad can certainly play. Having a squiz through his Rob Brown – YouTube Channel there’s enough Groove Tuesday material for the next 3 months. By the looks of things he does plenty of pretty handy and informative instructional videos too.

You can check out his site Rob Brown on Drums – Official

In the meantime enjoy a taste of this man’s talents and the great sounds he can wrestle out of the Yamaha Club Jordan.


Until next time, happy drumming

-Tim (aka Apartment Drummer)