Groove Tuesdays #5 – Superstition

This man and this groove needs no introduction. Stevie Wonder Official Superstition – Wikipedia has one of the most recognisable intros and drum grooves in music. The groove came about in between sessions with Jeff Beck Official and in the original recording is played by Wonder himself.

There’s not really much to write about this as it simply speaks for itself. So instead of rambling on, I’ll just post a few videos and let the music do all the talking.

First up, a lesson on how to play the opening groove (thanks to Nate from Online Drummerr – the sheet music is also available through their Superstition – Online Drummer Youtube).


Next, there’s Stevie himself teaching a lesson on playing the kit (and yes, he’s got chops…)


Then we’ve got Stevie and Jeff Beck more recently doing a version of Superstition


An finally for good measure, a classic version of the song as performed in the Sesame Street studio complete with extended jam. Fantastic.


Well worthy of groove Tuesdays! (even if it is Wednesday!)

Until next time, happy drumming

-Tim (aka Apartment Drummer)