Groove Tuesday #4 – Jabo and Clyde

These two need no introduction. The ever funky John “Jabo” Starks and Clyde Stubblefield of James Brown fame.

If you can’t find the groove to James Brown, then you’re probably ill. These two (Starks in particular) have provided the backbone to much of James Brown’s tunes and have been sampled by virtually everyone over the years. Toontrack even sampled their entire kits as part of the Funk Masters kit in their EZ Drummer Line for those wanting a little bit of Jabo and Clyde in their home studio.

In many respects, these two are like chalk and cheese with what they play and how they play it. But as one they hit the mark and hit it every time, as you’d expect which Gospel chops that both these lads poses. Chemistry like this, particularly on the drums is a rare thing and is one of the many, many elements which made the James Brown live juggernaut the funky beast it was.

I couldn’t just post one video, so first up there’s a more recent clip of the two playing together (not the hihat work between them at the 1:40 mark…)



Then of course there’s the entire Montreux 1981 performance. The video quality isn’t outstanding but the sound is. I’m not sure it’s possible to watch this the whole way through without ending up feeling short of breath.


Outstanding all the way.


Until next time, happy drumming